Saxophone Show

... This stage show is elaborated down to the last detail. It will take you into the world of the saxophone, a world full of suspense and illusion. As perfect highlight you get to experience the professional saxophonist live in a giant
2- meter balloon – with a unique, versatile repertoire of the lady with the saxophone. » Saxophone Show

The Saxophonist's References

... CD releases, tours, TV / radio appearances, galas. The saxophonist has earned a great reputation for her worldwide unique saxophone show and her classy lounge and dinner music.
» References

News about the Saxophonist

Kathrin 'swings' and 'rocks' with 10 female saxophonists in one show! You will be captivated by it; you just can't help but watch her play. "Playing the saxophone is a gym and culture at the same time". The impulsive sound of the rocks powerfully and yet so gently.

Lounge & Dinner Music

... Exclusive lounge and dinner music that turns into a great experience, an eye- and an ear-catcher! Each playlist has a different theme and is presented in a matching outfit. This gorgeous woman will give your reception a special vibe – with pop, jazz, classical music and soundtracks.
» Lounge and Dinner Music

Booking / Contact

Professional live sound, skills, attractiveness and reliability are 'disaster-proof' due to many years of experience. A saxophone show, dinner music, a walking act – it's up to you!
» Booking and Contact

Saxophone Christmas Show

Merry Christmas...solo saxophonist Kathrin Eipert in a wonderful, extraordinary saxophone Christmas show. Kathrin’s fantastic saxophone sound touches her listeners’ souls and creates a magical atmosphere.

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